My World # 22


This is my entry for My World.  Last week over 100 people shared views of their part of the world through this meme.  To join, or to see more pictures from around the world, click HERE.

My World today is COLD, and the forecast is that things will stay that way for at least one more day.  I’m ready for the cold weather to end.

In order to have something more pleasant to think about, I experimented with PIcasa, which we have started using with our new computers.  I made the collage above of some of the roses in our yard.  The collage shows Sweet Freedom and Wildfire on the left, Perfect Moment in the middle, Memorial Day on the top right, and Rio Samba and Mister Lincoln on the bottom right.  The picture can be expanded to get a better view.

Hopefully all of these roses will again grace our yard once the weather warms up with their beauty and fragrance.  I can hardly wait.


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35 Responses to “My World # 22”

  1. Indrani Says:

    BEAUTIFUL collage!
    I never knew the names, thanks for that. 🙂
    Yes, I hope your world is filled with fragrance of these flowers.

  2. Louise Says:

    I think everyone is itching for some warmer weather! March shouldn’t even start for 2 more weeks because once it’s here, we all assume it should be Spring. Love your roses!

  3. sylvia Says:

    A really beautiful collage! Picasa is really fun to use, I think you’ll enjoy it! Everyone is sooo ready for this winter to be over and here in Seattle, we’re no exception. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Pat - Arkansas Says:

    Lovely roses, George! What a cheery sight on an otherwise cold, blah, day. Thanks!

  5. Josephine Says:

    You really do have a green thumb, George.
    I like the collage, the roses are spectacular, they make a beautiful picture…..
    (I think I may have mistakenly deleted one of your comments on my blog, sorry, confuser had gremlins 😉

  6. marites Says:

    they are so beautiful:) i do hope the sunny days will come soon for you there.

  7. Carrizo Says:


    Good job with Picasa! I have never been using Picasa, only PaintShopPro. Your roses are so magnificent, so lovely, that it is a pity to wait so many months to see roses in our garden.


  8. Arija Says:

    Nice selection of roses George. My Mr.Limcoln and the whole rosebed he shares seems killed by our drought.

  9. Kathy Says:

    Beautiful roses George. Our yard is way to shaded to grow roses. I bet its something to see when they are all blooming.

  10. Suzanne Says:

    I love your collage. I have not used Picasa, but I have heard great things….I use
    Very easy too.
    gorgeous roses George!

  11. Mildred Says:

    George, I can hardly wait for warm summer sun and the scent of pretty roses. Your collage is lovely!

  12. Jane Says:

    Good luck with your rose garden this year. I will look forward to seeing the photos!


  13. Happyone Says:

    All the roses are so beautiful. Soon this winter will only be a memory and we will have warm days and blooming flowers once again. 🙂

  14. Hilda Says:

    Great — the one I liked best turned out to be named Memorial Day! I’m not sure whether I should like that or be freaked out 😉

    Your roses are all so beautiful, George! I hope that warm weather blesses you soon so your garden can bloom once again.

  15. babooshka Says:

    Roll on the spring. I appreciate other peoples garden, I let the birds take over mine.

  16. Rose Says:

    I love that wildfire! Though I like all roses…you can see the rose I was telling you about at

    I don’t know how to make that a link…anyway, according to Rachel’s landlord, even her first summer there the rose did better than it ever had.

  17. Mary Says:

    How wonderful to have all those beautiful roses to look forward to! I wish they weren’t so much work. I never seem to have any luck when I try growing one and end up with the root stock of wild rose in its place eventually. I’ve been playing with the Picasa collges, too…fun isn’t it?

  18. Susie Says:

    Nice collage! The Perfect Moment rose is a beauty!

  19. imac Says:

    I would say they will look a picture and the fragrance heavenly.

  20. Ruth Hiebert Says:

    Beautiful roses.Hopefully the cold soon ends and you can tend to roses again.

  21. ChrisCandJonJ Says:

    Beautiful roses!I wish I could grow them,but I never seem to have any luck with them.

  22. Jen S Says:

    Wonderful rose collection George.
    I enjoy using Picasa too!

  23. Shelley Says:

    That collage highlights your roses so beautifully!

  24. ewok1993 Says:

    Oh I can’t wait for your roses posts in the summertime 🙂 I love the preview so far. Cool collage.

  25. Brit' Gal Sarah Says:

    Great job on the collage, I love roses.

  26. Latane Says:

    Beautiful roses. There just isn’t anything more beautiful than a rose.

  27. Fishing Guy Says:

    George: That is a wonderful collection of roses which you have shared.

  28. Trish Says:

    I think we’re all waiting for the warmer weather. We just enjoyed a 15 inch snow storm!

  29. Janie of Utah Says:

    Those are beautiful roses. They make me anxious for summer.
    Good collage, too. I use Picasa, but I haven’t tried collages. I’m inspired to try it.

  30. Valkyrien Says:

    Beautiful roses George! You are lucky to have so many beauties in your garden – but I know it takes som work! I also use Picasa sometimes, but haven’t tried out the collage yet. That has to be me next challenge!

  31. 2sweetnsaxy Says:

    Nice collage. The roses are beautiful. I’ve really enjoyed playing with Picasa’s collage feature.

  32. Tarolino, Finland Says:

    Thanks for this lovely reminder of the summer time. They are gorgeous. Especially the Memorial Day rose. Collages are such fun, aren’t they. Also you only take out the space of one image instead of many images this way.

  33. Antigoni Says:

    Lovely flowers. Great post.

  34. LEEDRA Says:

    You have some beautiful roses, such variety. You did good with your collage in Picasa.

    Leedra’s Photos For Fun

    Leedra’s Greeting Cards

    Photography By Leedra

  35. SacredRuminations Says:

    What BEAUTIFUL roses … in this nifty collage!
    Hugs and blessings,

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