Our World: Great Falls of the Potomac

Great Falls of the Potomac, Great Falls Park, Virginia.  September 24, 2013.

Great Falls of the Potomac, Great Falls Park, Virginia. September 24, 2013.

(Note:  All pictures may be enlarged by clicking on them.)

This is my post for the Our World meme.  This meme is a second generation of My World Tuesday created by Klaus Peter and is hosted by five wonderful ladies.  To learn more about our world or to join and share your part of the world, click HERE.

Betsy and I visited the Great Falls of the Potomac during our Virginia trip at the end of September.  We have long had this waterfall on our ‘to see’ list, but it hadn’t been possible for us to get there before this trip.

A closer look at part of the Great Falls of the Potomac.  September 24, 2013.

A closer look at part of the Great Falls of the Potomac. September 24, 2013.

We visited Great Falls Park on the Virginia side of the river on a beautiful sunny afternoon.  We didn’t have time to do a great deal of hiking, but we did get to a couple of overlooks from which these pictures were taken.

Betsy at Great Falls of the Potomac, Great Falls Park, Virginia.  September 24, 2013.

Betsy at Great Falls of the Potomac, Great Falls Park, Virginia. September 24, 2013.

The waterfall is every bit as grand as beautiful as we were told it would be, but quite frankly, in my opinion the beauty of the waterfall is nothing compared to that of my Beautiful Bride.


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24 Responses to “Our World: Great Falls of the Potomac”

  1. MaryBeth Says:

    I am glad you finally made to the Potomac to see the great falls. It is a water wonderland. MB

  2. Rose Says:

    Wild and beautiful…

  3. mac Says:

    Wonderful George and Betsy.

  4. dayphoto Says:

    WOW! I kept thinking what it must have been like to try to settle that area way, way back when!!!


  5. Ms. A Says:

    Blue water, blue sky and all the color in between. Lovely!

    I don’t know what the heck is going on with Google/Blogger. People just aren’t showing up on my dashboard. Once I click you on my list of blogs I follow, THEN you take your place in the line up, like you had JUST posted. GRRRRR! Sorry I’m late.

  6. Lorri Says:

    What lovely photos of a beautiful place. I have been there, myself. I love it there, and your photos remind me why.

  7. ladyfi Says:

    Wow – so majestic and gorgeous!

  8. Indrani Says:

    Lovely captures! The place looks beautiful!

  9. Rajesh Says:

    Beautiful falls to visit on a sunny day.

  10. Joyful Says:

    It’s so sweet to see you extolling the virtues of your lovely wife. I love the scenery too and I’m glad you enjoyed it together 😉

  11. Eileen Says:

    Beautiful shots of the Great Falls and Betsy, George. It is one of my favorite places to visit nearby. Have a great day!

  12. Molly Says:

    This looks like an amazing place of natural beauty. Thank you for sharing


  13. Fun60 Says:

    I love that second picture of the falls but then who can deny the beauty of your final shot.

  14. nealpt Says:

    Those are really beautiful…especially the one where you slow down the shutter speed.

  15. Larry Says:

    I sure wish I could take shots like you do George.

  16. Boom & Gary Says:

    Great sequence!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  17. MadSnapper Says:

    when i enlarged the first one I just sat and stared, it is truly amazing, what a fantastic view, magnificent photo

  18. Blackberry Lane Says:

    Fantastic photos.

  19. sylviakirks Says:

    I think I may have lost my comment when I went back to enlarge that first photo of the Falls!! But I did want you to know that I think these are awesome captures of an amazing place!! Thanks for sharing the beauty, George!!!

  20. rhiebert Says:

    The falls are beautiful.It is wonderful to know that in your eyes Betsy far outshines all the other beauty.

  21. Linda at To Behold the Beauty Says:

    What a gorgeous place! From the look on the face of your Beautiful Bride, I’d say she feels the same about the photographer.

  22. Denise Says:

    Oh George, what a lovely thing to say about your bride. Such love you have for each other 🙂 Your photos of Great Falls were also wonderful. We have been there but not for a very long time. It is an incredible waterfall.

  23. Linda G. Says:

    I like Great Falls and hope to go back one day! It was so much easier to visit when I lived in the DC area.

  24. Sartenada Says:

    Incredible place. Thank You showing these photos.

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