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My World # 15

January 26, 2009
The former Washington School, Crown Point, Indiana.  July, 2002.

The former Washington School, Crown Point, Indiana. July, 2002.

This building was a very important part of my world from 1948 – 1952.  Although it is now a private residence, back then it was Washington School in Center Township, the ‘farm country’ surrounding Crown Point, Indiana.  (The three car garage is a modern addition.)

I attended grades 1 – 4 at Washington School.  The most interesting thing about the school was that it was a two–room school.  Grades 1 & 2 met in one room, while grades 3 & 4 met in the other.

My first and second grade teacher was Mrs. Isolampe.  She was a formidable woman, but I liked her.  In the second grade she had a reading contest — who could read the most books over a multi-week period.  She started the contest by letting us go to the book shelf contra-alphabetically to pick out the book we would read.  By the time my turn came all the easy books were gone, so I had to pick one of the harder books to read.  This went on for a couple of weeks, but about half-way through the contest my classmates had to start reading the harder books while I had simple books I could read very quickly.  I won the reading contest — one of the few times in my life when I’ve won something.

Mrs. Laney was my third and fourth grade teacher.  I was pretty good at reading and arithmetic, so I could listen in on the fourth grade lessons while still in the third grade.  When I was in the fourth grade Mrs. Laney had me helping third graders with arithmetic.  She was one of the reasons I became a teacher.  I’ve always thought there were more advantages than disadvantages to going to that two room school.

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My World 13

January 12, 2009
The South Ward school building, Crown Point, Indiana.  July, 2002.

The South Ward school building, Crown Point, Indiana. July, 2002.

This building was an important part of my world in 1947, since I attended kindergarten there.  South Ward in Crown Point, Indiana, is the school shown above in a picture taken in July, 2002.  The picture may be enlarged by clicking on it.

South Ward was on the same street (Court Street) as the house where my family lived.  The house was about three blocks from the school.  When I started kindergarten, my Mom walked to and from school, but after she became convinced that I knew how to cross the streets she let me walk without her.  Most of my classmates also walked by themselves — it was a different world back then.

My class was in the front of the building on the first floor.  It has the windows to the left of the front door.  We had low tables and chairs, too low for adults to use.  If I remember correctly there were four places at each table.  There was also a place in the room for our daily nap time.

Sometime in the last few years the building has been converted to condominiums.  The parking lot is where the playground used to be.  I have not been in the building since it was converted.

One other thing — South Ward used to be South Ward High School.  That was the high school from which my Dad graduated.

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